Why this site exists?

The tracklists and information on this site are for the PPCA Free versions of Bodybalance by Les Mills International.
The site is only starting and showcasing the artists who contribute to the PPCA Free Version of Bodybalance by Les Mills International

15 October 2016


01. On Fire - Chewy Chewy Chewy
02. Stay - Another Sharp Sunday
03. Never Be Like You - Corsica
04. 7 Years - Deaf Lips
05a. It's Strange - Baby Plus One
05b. Bad Blood - Violet Outcast
06. Fast Car - Yellow Base
07a. Lush Life - Friday People
07b. Lay It All On Me - Fifth Hate
08. Scars - Killer Cherry
09. Monday - Freak Like Me
10. Schein Und Widerschein - Frosted Bites

BODYBALANCE 74 is more of what you’ve come to expect – soft, soulful tracks mixed with a little bit of fresh
modern music, all wrapped up with slower, but still challenging, choreography.

Highlights for us this round are Track 1 (isn’t that song something else?), Track 4 – try not to cry, we couldn’t help it – and Track 9, an old favorite of Jackie’s. Go for the challenges in Tracks 3, 6 and 7 to get stronger and faster and find more flexibility from Tracks 2, 5 and the beautiful Track 8.
We really love this one, and hope you do too.

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05 November 2015


01. You & Me (Flume Remix) - The Behind Today
02. Follow The Sun - Cool Lads 
03. Hold Back The River / Fight For You -Base Hound - 
04. Nothing’s Forever -Sky Rail
05. Do You Remember - Grey Street Kids 
06. Always Like This- Bombay Bicycle Club
07. Brother - Wrecking London
08. Aerial Love - Bluee Eagle
09. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- Hummingbird Tree 
10. Sileo - The Vitaa Embence

Here is the release you’ve been looking for! We were completely inspired by the music this round, and the release is absolutely gorgeous. Take a deep breath... there is a lot of modern music. But don’t worry – it’s soft, smooth and utterly beautiful. You will get warm unbelievably fast in the Tai Chi track, but then soften down into full relaxed mode in Track 2. 

Then we build you back up in the two Standing Strength tracks, before finding your ultimate edge in the Balances. Warning: this is a BIG challenge. You may need a little humor in this one :) But Track 5 is possibly the most soulful, internal Hip Opener track we have ever given you – our favorite. We simply couldn’t decide who was to teach it this round... so we both are. 

Then the usual intense Core tracks with a wonderful challenge in the Back track, followed by some subtle Twists and the calmest-of-the-calm Forward Folds. Anthony Deyn’s voice is like caramel to melt you down. Enjoy and try to replicate! We hope you love this class like we do – thank you. Love Jackie and Diana 

© 2015 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.) 

12 July 2015


Video sizzler for the current Bodybalance/Flow release, standout release.

Coming soon a review of this awesome release.

03 July 2015


01. Praise You - Wild Avenue
02. Warm Water - The Lympth Clue
03. In Colour - The Old Rouge
04. Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Elton Mineral
05. Gust Of Wind - Sushi Look
06. Blame It On Me - The Loned Fit
07. In Your Arms - The Myrical Fire
08. Stand By You/Let Your Hair Down - Ozzy Therapy
09. Heal - Pocket Punch
10. Quiet Place - Beginning Handsome         

BOUNUS4 Dangerous - Gracious Revisited

01 September 2013



01. Figure 8 - Quick Blind
02. Fields of Gold - The Alphine Downs
03. Impossible About Shot
04. Skyfall - Charming B
05. Let it Be - Left Wing Corner
06. Little Talks - Left Wing Corner
07. Love is all I Got - Neutral Hummer
08. Winter Song - Arcade One Click
09. Stay - Seven Kosher
10. River of Life - Navajo Falls